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“Principal Software Engineer”
MuthuSankaraNarayanan V.
MA, 01562
26.1 miles
Category: Computers
Subjects: C++..

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Rate: $34 /hr.
0 Customer Reviews
Discounts: 0    Connections: 0

Dear Sir, Expert at work. I am BE computer Science Engineer. MBA Finance Distinction. Have Greencard and work permit for Denmark worked in USA for 4 yrs. Suncertified Java Programmer. Bluestone Certified XML, TEB, And JSP Developer. Having 6 yrs Experience in C++ and 6 yrs Experience in Java. Worked in Mainframe also. So can work across the

“Oriya, odiya language, maths, science”
Bapu P.
CT, 06106
28.6 miles
Category: Computers
Subjects: Mac..

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Rate: $30 /hr.
0 Customer Reviews
Discounts: 0    Connections: 0

2 years of experience in teaching students from different category

“Web Designer and Computer Hardware/Software Technician”
Arda T.
CT, 06032
35.6 miles
Category: Computers
Subjects: Microsoft Word..

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Rate: $25 /hr.
0 Customer Reviews
Discounts: 1    Connections: 0

Web Design - Html, Javascript/jQuery, PHP, Css, Dreamweaver Graphic Design - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks Computer Programming - C, C++, Shell scripting, Python Music - Guitar

“Microsoft Access specialist since 2001”
George P.
CT, 06385
37.8 miles
Category: Computers
Subjects: Microsoft Access..

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Rate: $30 /hr.
0 Customer Reviews
Discounts: 0    Connections: 0

Since 2001, I have specialized in designing, developing, and maintaining MS Access databases. I am presently a corporate database engineer specializing in MS Access, SQL, Visual Basic, and SQL Server. Since 2007, I have developed over 200 MS Access databases for my most recent full-time employer, and an equal quantity as a freelancer. I have a Mas

“Highly experienced tutor for Microsoft Access”
Edward M.
CT, 06013
40.7 miles
Category: Computers
Subjects: Microsoft Access..

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Rate: $50 /hr.
0 Customer Reviews
Discounts: 0    Connections: 0

Experienced in all aspects of Microsoft Access VBA Programming, Reporting, SQL Server. Proficient in troubleshooting problems, tutoring and development of small office systems.

“Expereinced College Instructor”
Yvette H.
New Haven
CT, 06515
56.6 miles
Category: Computers
Subjects: Fundamentals of Computers..

View Yvette's Website!
Rate: $16 /hr.
0 Customer Reviews
Discounts: 0    Connections: 0

Experienced college instructor, with extreme patience to teach those who are new to computers or need a refresher course. Seniors and those with little or no experience is my expertise. If you would like to become comfortable with using your computer please contact me.

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